Key Things the Czech Senate Has that the US Senate Could Use…

When I think of government, the first words that spring to my mind aren’t “cool,” “beautiful,” “moving,” “fascinating,” or “awesome”—but that’s because I was born and raised in the United States. While in the Czech Republic, Aleah and I made it to the Czech Senate, and, I believe, if the US took a few pages out of the Czech Republic’s book, Capitol Hill might become a bigger destination for more people than 8th graders on their mandatory Spring Field Trip.

Here are a few things the Czech Senate has that the US Senate could really use…

1) Peacocks.

IMG_1838Yes, freckling the green verandas leading up to the colossal doors of the Czech Senate are glorious peacocks, bobbing and clucking their way into tourists‘ memories day in and day out. Luxuriating their iridescent feathers for international, camera-laden oglers, these peacocks add a flare and edge to the Czech Senate that can’t be matched by the US Senate. Sure, we’ve got large, white, imposing buildings, but we could sure use a couple confident, photogenic Bald Eagles strutting around Capitol Hill to really round out the American Exceptionalism vibe we’ve got going on. A little extra America in our Senate never hurt anyone.

2) A Stalactite Wall.IMG_1848

Sure, yes, I know what you’re thinking: why does the American Senate need a Stalactite Wall? But that’s not the right question to ask, my friends. Just look at this wall to your right. The question you should be asking yourself is: how soon can we get a Stalactite Wall to D.C. to use as a city wall around all the Capitol buildings? Hidden in the wall that accents the Czech Senate are grotesque faces that will either excite you if you were looking for them, or scare the daylights out of you if you stumbled upon them by accident. The Wall is supposed to imitate the limestone caves that are such tourist attractions for the Czech Republic. Hey, America! Last time I checked, we’ve got some pretty excellent limestone caves ourselves! We’ve officially no excuse for the lack of Stalactite Walls in our capitol. Get on it, America!

3) Owl Aviary.

IMG_1851Clearly, just having peacocks as the aviary guest of honor wasn’t enough for the Czechs, and neither was having a cool Stalactite Wall as the icing on the Senate’s architecture cake. No. They had to go one step further and make both the birds and the architecture cooler at the same time. How? By putting an owl aviary smack-dab in the middle of the Stalactite Wall. So what if the Czech Republic’s economy isn’t batting 1000 right now? The aesthetic design of their governmental buildings is. The American economy isn’t looking too hot itself nowadays. Maybe an owl aviary wouldn’t get us all back on our feet immediately, but it’s a starting point. We, as a nation, can’t seem to agree on many things nowadays. But, I think owl aviaries are something we can all get behind. Right?